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From kids to adults, we believe it’s important to stay curious about our surroundings: think about them in creative new ways, have the courage to challenge held opinions, and experiment with what at first may seem strange and difficult.

Our workshops and courses focus on the farming and cultural roots of all our produce, the local wild environment, and farm-life in Bergamo and around the world. We offer:

  • full-day and half-day educational visits with a range of workshops for preschools, primary schools and social groups;
  • hands-on farming and recreational experiences for private companies and high schools;
  • multi-visit workshop series;
  • holiday camps for children 5-11 years

English learning

All visits are also offered in English, run by Lauren, farm owner and native English speaker from Australia. Lauren has an Msc in Sustainable Development, and is an experienced teacher of English for children 3-12 years, and business English for professionals.

Our English language courses are designed especially for Italian native speakers, with a focus on Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) methodology, whereby language learning objectives are gradually achieved as participants practise targeted English skills as they learn the lesson content. This method not only encourages language skill retention through learning by experience, but also creates opportunities for students to improvise with the language and be creative in situations outside their comfort zone.


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