Fresh food, straight from the fields


We grow what we love, and what works in our local climate: species and varieties are inspired locally and from our travels around the world. All of our fresh produce is grown to be hand-picked in the field by us, or directly by you to take home and enjoy: fruit & veg, berries, hazelnuts and chestnuts, aromatic herbs and edible, decorative plants.

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Organic farming and sustainability

While we do use many organic farming methods, based on our research and experience in the fields, we are convinced that integrating certain conventional farming practices improves the sustainability of our farm significantly more than being organically certified: for the environment, and for us, our neighbours and our customers.

We also believe it is our responsibility to be honest and pass on our knowledge, so are always happy to explain every process and product used in growing all of our food, and the reasoning behind every choice.

This is the real benefit of buying locally, and having direct contact with the people who grow your food.

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